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Periodic Driver-CPC


Like many trades in our busy working world, professional drivers are now required to undertake Continuous Professional Development in the form of 35 hours of periodic training every five years to ensure they can continue to drive professionally and that their vocational licence remains valid.

Driver-CPC is designed to confirm, and expand upon, the existing knowledge and skills of each driver, keeping them up-to-date with ever changing regulations, technology and practices within the industry.

All our courses are delivered by experienced drivers who have logged a fair few miles on their tachograph themselves, giving candidates the benefit of their experiences as well as reminding drivers of the issues they face on a daily basis in a difficult, and sometimes overlooked industrial sector.

Course Content

We offer 3 options for Candidates or Businesses

  1. On-line: where candidates can attend our course via MS-Teams

  2. In-class: Candidates have the option of joining us in a classroom, locations of which vary according to the course calendar 

  3. Business: For hauliers who would like a group class at their  place of business. 


Our Driver-CPC courses are ​delivered either exclusively On-line, or In-class where candidates can join us in a classroom rather than accessing the class via MS Teams. Candidates can choose as to which option they would like.


(per driver)

All our online courses are priced at £60.00 per 7 hour course all in, and are available via MS Teams.

If you are interested in joining us using the online system, please select a course from the list below or contact us direct for more information and availability.


(For hauliers)

For haulage businesses that would like to provide Periodic Driver-CPC training for their drivers on-site then you have the option of booking a day's training delivered on-site for up to 20 drivers.

Subject to requirements these can be offered to hauliers starting from £379.50 per day (plus VAT), and an upload fee of £16.25 per candidate attending the day's course.

For more information and to book our services please make initial enquiries by emailing us at

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