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Working in the Warehouse
Operating Warehouse Equipment


Ensure the safety and efficiency of your workplace with our accredited forklift training program. Our hands-on training courses cover all aspects of forklift operation, from basic principles to advanced techniques, providing your team with the skills and knowledge they need to operate Counterbalance and Reach Truck B1/D1 safely and confidently.

Our experienced instructors are accredited by the RTITB, providing you with the assurance that your team is learning from the best.


Upon completion of the course, your team members will receive a certificate of competence, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and providing the necessary accreditation to operate forklifts safely and legally.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our forklift training services and how we can help your team become competent and safe forklift operators.


There are a number of options available dependant on your requirements and the number of candidates you would like trained.

Counterbalance (B1) / Reach-Truck (D1)
3 Days
1 Candidate
Counterbalance (B1) / Reach-Truck (D1)
4 Days
2 Candidates
Counterbalance (B1) / Reach-Truck (D1)
5 Days
3 Candidates
Counterbalance (B1) / Reach-Truck (D1)
1 Day
1 to 3 Candidates
Counterbalance (B1) / Reach-Truck (D1)
1 Day
1 to 2 Candidates
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Course Details


Working in conjunction with our partner Workwise Training, we now deliver on-site Counterbalance and Reach Truck training at your place of work, anywhere within the country.

RTITB accredited course content includes:

  • Hazard awareness

  • The operators’ safety code

  • Lift truck stability

  • Load handling

  • Safety video

  • Pre-Shift inspection

  • Moving/stopping and steering the truck

  • Operation of hydraulic controls

  • Manoeuvring in open and confined area’s

  • Multi-level Stacking

  • Slopes and ramps

On successful completion of this course, candidates will be issued with a certificate of training to demonstrate compliance with UK Health and Safety requirements.



In order to deliver our courses, we will require:

  • a sterile clear area

  • appropriate Counterbalance or Reach Truck equipment

  • Stacks of empty pallets

  • Area of racking (9 bays minimum) for Multi-level Stacking training

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