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Image by Samuele Errico Piccarini

Our People

The Boss

Craig Limacher MILT

  • Director, senior instructor

  • Been gainfully employed in and around the haulage industry for longer than is probably advisable.

  • An enthusiastic lover of all things motorcycle related.

  • Is occasionally found behind the wheel of the odd artic just to "keep my hand in".

  • Probably waffles waaayyyyy to much and has a head full of useless facts that occasionally prove to be useful.

  • Married to a solicitor who is far more smarter than him but clearly lacks suitable taste in men!

  • Now resides in Spain and is a regular commuter using the delightful Ryanair, more details of why and how now found on my blog, click here

Roisin Limacher

  • Administrator, and photographically shy!

  • A mother of feral children who works from home part time to assist her brother in the running of the company.

  • She can usually be found at her happiest, with a good book curled up on the chair.

  • She enjoys walks with her furry companion dog and loves spending time with her family.

  • To de-stress she likes to colour in, like a child, but she stays in between the lines better

The Admin
The Barkministrator

Sherlock - The Barkministrator

  • Company pet

  • Handsome lad, but sheds hair by the tonnage.

  • Growls on the odd occasion, keeps his owner(s) on the straight and narrow and occasionally pops in on Teams sessions to say Hello to some of the candidates.

  • Has an unhealthy obsession with squirrels!

Our business

In today's fast moving haulage sector, a well trained workforce is essential for any business to thrive and prosper. We at Citrus Tree Ltd pride ourselves in the delivery of bespoke, relevant, courses tailored to our client's needs, providing then with the qualifications and guidance needed to help them progress with their career choices in the Haulage sector.

We utilise the best of instructors, techniques and technology to offer a range of courses for the industry using a diverse variety of technologies and teaching methodologies to help candidates with those all important learning steps, and gaining those much needed qualifications.

Courses on offer currently include:

If you would like some more information regarding our courses, please feel free to browse our site, contact us using on on-site page or call us on 07841 381523 for more information.


If you do not see a course here that you are searching for, please do contact us direct as we have established working relationships with a number of training providers in the South East and we may be able to assist you further and point you in the right direction.

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